Complete Gym Cybex Package Good conditions / white$30,000(Longwood, FL)

GYM GOING OUT OF BUSINESS BLOWING OUT ITS EQUIPMENT INVENTORY Pick up this opportunity, complete strength package Cybex, rare to find a GYM with matching brand and good condition. Need little work on the pads, all white and good condition. Cybex 1 Smith Machine. Cybex 1 Jungle Gym 5 Stations. Cybex 1 Chin Dip Assist Cybex 1 Seated Leg Press Cybex 1 Seated Leg Curl Cybex 1 Leg Extension Cybex 1 Dual Axis Chest Press Cybex 1 Dual Axis Row/Rear Delt Cybex 1 Torso Rotation Cybex 1 Lateral Raise Cybex 1 Dual Axis Overhead Press Cybex 1 Arm Curl Cybex 1 Arm Extension Cybex 1 AB Crunch Cybex 1 Back Extension Cybex 1 Glute Cybex 1 Rotary Calf Cybex 1 Hip Adduction Cybex 1 Hip Abduction Cybex 1 Lat Pulldown Cybex 1 Adjustable Bench Cybex 1 Hyper Extension Bench Cybex 1 Dumbell Stool Cybex 1 Olympic Flat Bench BUGE 1 Olympic Bar BUGE 1 Hex Ruber Dumbbell Set 5Lbs to 50Lbs BUGE 1 Ruber Covered Olympic Plate Set (4 X 2.5Lbs, 4 X 5Lbs, 4 X 10Lbs, 4 X 25Lbs, 4 X 45Lbs). Cardio packages available. CONTACT MIGUEL FINANCING AVAILABLE- APPLY HERE!!! Hablamos Espanol. ***Delivery Available TOLL FREE 1(855) BUY-1-GYM Ext 703 Orlando MIGUEL Direct (720) 254-8842 Direct (305) 484-1665 __________________ Tags Precor Icarian, Cybex, Paramount, Magnum, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Stair Master, Techno Gym. Treadmill, Elliptical, Recumbent Bikes, Up Right Bikes, Stepmills, Steeper, Spinners. Free weights, Dumbbells, Barbells, Racks, Plates, Plate Trees, Bench, Olympic Bench, Decline Bench, Multi Station, Jungle Gym, Cable Cross Over, Accessories. Gym, Commercial Gym Equipment, Fitness Equipment, Used Gym Equipment, Refurbish Fitness Equipment, Equipo de Gimnasio Usado.